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Fashion Shoot with Tamara

Just a short post on the shoot I had with Tamara on Saturday. Actually we planned it to be a more elaborate shoot on different locations. But, as it sometime happens in this time of the year, it started to rain. So we confined ourselves mainly to the pedestrian crossing over the railway station in …continue reading

Night Outdoor Portraits Using Only Available Light

Shooting in low light situations using available light only is always a tricky business. In such cases you rely on a fast lens and a good camera with a larger sensor, good high ISO noise control and better dynamic range to be able to get more details out of inconvenient shadow areas you cannot avoid having …continue reading

Working with a Makeup Artist

The last shoot I did with Miss Ivana, a gorgeous new acquisition to my model collection, was also the first session I did with another Ivana, a makeup artist who agreed to join me on sessions from time to time so we can help promote each other’s creative work. Definitely a new experience and having someone else around at …continue reading

The Sopot Session with Tamara in a Red Dress

This is one of the photographs from the most recent shoot I did last Saturday with a beautiful colleague of mine Tamara, wearing her friend’s red dress. This photo was taken on a wooden bridge at Sopot near Vinkovci (Croatia) in an unespectedly challenging setting, with mosquitos swarming around us… people, cars and tractors passing by. …continue reading